June Wishlist

We're approaching the official party season, not to mention the beach season (yay!) and hence my June wish list is full of summer essentials. FIN: Kesän juhlasesonki lähestyy kovaa vauhtia, eikä rantasesonkikaan ole enää kaukana (jes!). Siksi kesäkuun toivelistani koostuukin alkukesän välttämättömyystarpeista. La Roche-Posay Tinted Sunscreen SPF 50 (1) is a perfect addition to your beach bag and... Continue Reading →

How To Wear Pink From Head To Toe?

Last summer was the golden age of all-white outfits but this year I dear you to go a bit further. Wearing bright pink from head to toe can be intimidating but these street style stars show you how to do it. If a strong pink is too much for you, try more subtle blush tones.... Continue Reading →

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