New York It-Girls’ Latest Fashion Vibes

By guest editor Claire Hastings Ok, it’s been a while since we’ve checked up to get the 411 on what the ‘it’ girls of one of the greatest fashion capitals have been doing, or better yet wearing. Since New York is one of the most populated cities on the planet, not to mention one of... Continue Reading →

Get The Look: Maria Panteli

Maria Panteli is one of those modern day trendsetters that seem to exist only in social media. Personal style bloggers have lately become more and more Instagram-centered, as visual content seems to appeal to their audience much more than words. That being said, Maria's presence on Instagram is more than strong. Her carefully curated feed... Continue Reading →

Get The Look: Annabel Rosendahl

Self-proclaimed 'Scandi creative mind', Annabel Rosendahl is yet another Norwegian influencer with an impeccable style. With a background in luxury fashion retail and after working with over 150 brands, Annabel now focuses solely on her blog and Instagram channel, sharing her daily looks with a keen audience. Like many Scandinavian fashionistas, Annabel too is often seen wearing... Continue Reading →

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