10 Lovely Pink Cocktails For Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re spending Valentine’s with your significant other or best friends (or at home alone in your PJ’s watching The Bachelorette…), elegant, tasty and easy cocktails never hurt anyone. To celebrate the day and up your cocktail game from no-imagination-G&T’s, here are ten delicious pink cocktails to make your day a little bit more special.

FIN: Vietätpä ystävänpäivää sitten kultasi tai ystäviesi kanssa (tai yksin kotisohvalla pyjamassa katsoen Unelmien poikamiestytön uusintoja…), elegantit ja herkulliset mutta helpot cocktailit tekevät päivästäsi hiukan erityisemmän. Unohda siis tylsät gintonicit ja brassaile sheikkaustaidoillasi rakkauden kunniaksi! Nämä kymmenen suloisen pinkkiä cocktailia saavat varmasti ihastuneen vastaanoton.


watermelon mojito by the vintage mixer
Watermelon Mojito by The Vintage Mixer
amaretto bourbon punch by how sweet eates
Amaretto Bourbon Punch by How Sweet Eats
blackberry mint julep by jelly toastBlog.com-7-of-9
Blackberry Mint Julep by Jelly Toast
pomegranate paloma by simply recipes
Pomegranate Paloma by Simply Recipes
sweet eve by drinking america
Sweet Eve by Drinking America


pomelo grapefruit negroni
Pomelo Grapefruit Negroni by Cake’n’Knife
pink senorita by superman cooks
Pink Señorita by Superman Cooks
frose cocktail by bonappetit
Strawberry Frosé  by Bon Appétit
hibiscus gin sour by sugar and charm
Hibiscus Gin Sour by Sugar And Charm
rose revolution by carina tsou
Rose Revolution by Carina Tsou

Do you have a signature Valentine’s Day cocktail? Share your best recipes!


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