Get The Look: Laura Noltemeyer

This week’s look is very much on trend with coveted vinyl pants and a ruffled shirt. Laura Noltemeyer, author of Designdschungel, has feminine and playful aesthetics and her looks have gotten the attention of fashion girls worldwide. Follow her on Instagram for daily outfit inspiration.

FIN: Tämän viikon look ratsastaa vinyylihousuineen ja röyhelöpaitoineen muodin aallonharjalla. Designdschungel-blogin Laura Noltemeyer on tyylinikkari, jonka Instagram-profiili tarjoaa loputonta inspiraatiota pukeutumiseen. Rullaa alaspäin nähdäksesi miten saat loihdittua Lauran tyylin edullisesti.

Photo via Designdschungel

Shop the affordable options:

Boohoo Cara Longline Bomber 26,00€, Mad But Magic Vinyl Trousers 60,00€, Zara Frilly Shirt 29,95€, Mango Leather Flap Bag 49,99€, Mango Lace-up Sneakers 19,99€


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